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Attorney Jason A. Greller

Real Estate Lawyer

Madison, Wisconsin

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JUSTIA 10/10 Real Estate Lawyer Rating
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AVVO Client Choice Award Winner - Madison, Wisconsin
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Welcome to the Home of Attorney Jason A Greller

We are a Madison, Wisconsin real estate and property law firm centrally located in Dane County and serving customers throughout all of Wisconsin's counties. Our real estate attorneys specialize in real estate transactions and real property law. If you are interested in buying or selling property or have other real estate law related needs, we have an experienced real estate lawyer available to assist you through your transaction.


In addition to residential real estate transactions, our real estate attorneys offer a variety of real property related legal services at flat fee rates and reasonable hourly rates. Our real estate lawyers are available to discuss your project and address all of your questions and concerns.

We encourage you to browse our website for more information on buying or selling a home or how our real estate lawyers may assist you in your real estate matter. Please contact us for more details on our rates and services or call us for a free consultation. Our staff is here to answer your questions.

Why Hire Us?


Unparalleled experience providing advice and guidance in thousands of real estate real estate and real property law matters.



Reasonable Flat Fees available for many of our services. 



Prompt, professional, courteous service and flexible hours sets us apart.



Known and respected throughout the state.


Serving all Wisconsin Counties

What we do.

Perhaps you are entering a real estate transaction; encountered a hurdle in a real estate transaction; or need an agreement between co-owners of property; or a shared driveway or well agreement; or a note and mortgage between private parties; or need a lease drafted for a new tenant. We are able to assist you in all of these matters and more. 

Below are links to some of our most requested services. Our full range of services and expertise in Wisconsin Real Estate & Property Law are outlined on our Real Estate Practice Page. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your matter and how we may serve you.
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Mortgage & Note Reviews

Our all inclusive flat fee for sellers and exceptional service translate into no surprises at closing, including your attorney's fee. We set the benchmark for service, expertise and value in residential real estate representation. Put one of Wisconsin's most experienced real estate attorneys in your corner.

Our all inclusive flat fee for buyers sets the benchmark for service, expertise and value in residential real estate representation and puts one of Wisconsin's most experienced real estate attorneys in your corner. First time buyers may be confident that we will hold your hand from start to finish.

If you are looking to transfer an interest in property by Quitclaim Deed (sometimes spelled Quit Claim Deed), you should have an experienced lawyer explain the process, answer your questions, draft the Deed and make sure that the Deed is properly recorded. Please contact us to learn more about our flat fee for Quitclaim Deeds.

Whether you are loaning money to another party or borrowing money from a private lender we can assist you and draft fully enforceable customized Notes and Mortgages to meet your specifications.

Agreements and handshake
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Helping to establish a working framework for owning property with other people.

Problems with joint driveways may be avoided or eliminated altogether by having a clear set of rules governing the shared property. We offer drafting services for new and existing driveways and driveway agreement reviews for buyers.

We represent landlords and tenants in a variety of capacities. Our tenant practice includes security deposit violations, assisting UW-Madison students with roomate and landlord issues, and addressing lease issues for tenants in upmarket properties.

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Who we are.

Attorney Jason Greller - Wisconsin Real


Originally trained as a litigator, Jason knows that the best way to avoid problems is to start with a well thought out and carefully crafted document. Jason's clients benefit from his 25+ years of practice, his comprehensive knowledge of real estate law and his experience assisting clients in thousands of transactions.

Jason is a frequent lecturer on the topic of residential real estate transactions and served as faculty for the University of Wisconsin Law School Lawyering Skills Course for Residential Real Estate Transactions. As a member of the Wisconsin Realtor Association Real Estate Forms Committee, Jason lends his expertise to the WRA regarding the use and modification of Wisconsin State approved forms used in real estate transactions.

Born and raised in New York City, Jason came to Wisconsin to attend the UW Law School. In his free time, Jason may be found spending time with his family, playing tennis, sailing on Lake Mendota or searching for a lost golf ball. He lives in the Town of Middleton with his wife and two children.


— Hannah Roth

Jason Greller is, quite simply, the most exceptional lawyer we have ever worked with. He has extraordinary integrity and a remarkable commitment to communication and service.

Contact us.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

voice: 608.218.4030


Madison Office Location

21 North Butler Street - Suite 101

Madison, WI  53703

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