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Protecting Buyers in their important real estate transactions.

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We built our reputation representing buyers and sellers in real estate transactions.


Over twenty years ago, Attorney Jason Greller became the first attorney in Madison to market a flat fee service for buyers. Over the years we refined the service to fully address the needs of buyers in real estate transactions.


Technology changed the way we work but our practice philosophy remains the same. We take the time to fully explain the risks and benefits and advise you of your legal rights and obligations. Together, we help you make educated decisions and this allows you to be confident and comfortable in your transaction. 

Don't make the mistake of working with a less experienced and less qualified real estate agent or attorney. Real estate transactions are one of the biggest investments you make in your life. Protect your investment by having Jason Greller on your side.

We encourage you to browse below for more information on buying property or how we may assist you in your real estate matter. Please contact us for more details on our rates and services or call us for a free consultation. Our staff is here to answer your questions.

Reasonable Flat Fees

Same Day Service for Offers Available

(Including Holidays and Weekends!!!*)

Did you know?

Working with a real estate attorney could automatically save you up to 3% on the purchase of the property?

Working with a real estate attorney could make your Offer much more attractive to the Seller and listing agent?

In this competitive market you need every advantage. 

Contact us to discuss how we can save you money and help you to get a leg up on other buyers.


Our all inclusive flat fee for buyers sets the benchmark for service, expertise and value in residential real estate representation and puts one of Wisconsin's most experienced real estate attorneys in your corner. Essentially, we will hold your hand from start to finish.

You should be aware that real estate agents are prohibited from providing legal advice or opinions. Only a real estate attorney is qualified to provide many services and opinions that should be offered to every buyer. Services listed below that appear in boldface can only be provided by an attorney.

Our flat fee includes:​

  • Outlining the real estate transaction process.

  • If you are also working with a buyer's agent we will review your agency agreement to protect you.

  • Drafting offers to purchase, reviewing, drafting counter offers and providing legal advice regarding the terms of the offer as we work through the process.

  • Providing copies of all documents and useful transactions timelines

  • Contacting you with periodic updates.

  • Working with you through your inspection contingency and providing you with legal opinions on your rights including identifying which property conditions meet the legal definition of defects.

  • Working with your lender through any financing and appraisal contingencies.

  • Drafting and reviewing amendments and notices and providing you with legal opinions relating to the terms of the documents.

  • Ordering and confirming the title insurance order.

  • Identifying and providing you with copies of any easements or restrictions that impact your use of the property as disclosed in the title search.

  • Ensuring that the requirements for the issuance of the title policy are met.

  • Ensuring that any liens affecting the property and identified in the title policy are fully satisfied at closing.

  • Scheduling the closing

  • Review of the deed conveying title and discussing and advising you as to how you may wish to hold title to the property

  • Reviewing the settlement statement and making sure that it reflects the terms of the offer.

  • Ensuring that tax prorations or credits from the Seller are accurate

  • Attending the closing and representing you with legal advice and counsel at the closing table.

In addition to the above items, we will also work with you to answer all your questions during the course of the transaction.

What happens if your transaction reaches a dead end?  We will work with you to purchase another property, within six months of our start date OR you may terminate our services and I will bill you at my hourly rate for the time spent on your file (not exceeding the flat fee of course). In other words, if you decide you want out of a transaction you do not have to worry about additional legal fees on your next transaction. Other attorneys may charge you a fee for a set number of hours and if you exceed that number of hours they will tack on additional charges at their hourly rate.  There are no hourly limits to my flat fee and we consider our service to be the most all inclusive fee available in this market. 

No flat fee offered at any price is worth anything unless accompanied by the highest commitment to service. We encourage you to look at our online reviews to see for yourself how our clients measure our service in comparison to our fees. You will find that our combination of superior service and quality representation makes our clients extremely satisfied.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your transaction.

Residential Real Estate

FSBO & Flat Fee MLS Assistance


Vacant Land

New Construction Contracts

Rental & Income Properties

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Attorney Jason Greller - Wisconsin Real

During the past 20+ years I've represented buyers and sellers in thousands of real estate transactions. Quality representation typically saves you the entire cost of that representation and usually it saves you much more.  Most consumers rarely "save" money by working with less experienced counsel or agents. I invite you to put my experience and expertise to work for you.

* Same day service subject to day and time of day the request for service is received.

Contact us

to discuss how we may assist you in preparing your loan documents or to answer any questions you may have about our fees, our process and our service. We look forward to helping you.

call us at:  608.218.4030

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