Real Estate Practice Areas

We offer a full range of services and expertise in Wisconsin Real Estate & Property Law. 
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Real Estate Transactions

Buying & Selling Real Estate

  • Offers & Counter Offers

  • FSBO & Flat Fee MLS Assistance

  • Attorney Review Contingencies

  • Closings

  • Land Contracts

  • Limited Power of Attorney

  • Title Review

Disputes Relating to Real Estate Transactions

Disputes During Real Estate Transactions

  • Breach of Contract Claims Against Buyers or Sellers

  • Inspection Contingency Disputes

Disputes After Closing

  • Post Closing Property Condition Issues

  • Failure of Seller to Properly Disclose Defects

  • Misrepresentation and Fraud

New Construction

Building and Construction Contracts

  • Review of Building Contracts

  • Vacant Land Offers to Purchase

Joint / Shared Driveway Agreements

  • Drafting Joint Driveway Agreements

  • Disputes Relating to Joint Driveway Agreements

  • Review of Existing Joint Driveway Agreements

Agreements Between Co-Owners of Property

  • Agreements Between Joint Tenants

  • Agreements Between Tenants in Common

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Landlord / Tenant Law

  • Lease Drafting Packages for Landlords

  • Leases of Condominium Units

  • Evictions

  • Security Deposit Claims

Condominium Law

  • Review of Condominium Documents

  • Leases of Condominium Units

  • Condominium Association Representation

  • Drafting of Condominium Documents

Shared Well Agreements

  • Drafting Shared Well Agreements

  • Disputes Relating to Shared Well Agreements

  • Review of Existing Shared Well Agreements

Disputes Between Co-Owners of Property

  • Partition Actions

  • Forced Sales of Real Estate

Seller Financing

  • Private Notes & Mortgages

  • Land Contracts

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