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Real Estate and Property Law Services

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We offer a full range of services and expertise in Wisconsin Real Estate & Property Law. 
Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your matter and how we may assist you.

Perhaps you are entering a real estate transaction; encountered a hurdle in a real estate transaction; or need an agreement between co-owners of property; or a shared driveway or well agreement; or a note and mortgage between private parties; or need a lease drafted for a new tenant. We are able to assist you in all of these matters and more. 

Real Estate Transactions

  • Offers & Counter Offers

  • FSBO & Flat Fee MLS Assistance

  • Attorney Review Contingencies

  • Closings

  • Land Contracts

  • Limited Power of Attorney

  • Title Review

Title Transfers - Deed Drafting Service

  • Agreements Between Joint Tenants

  • Agreements Between Tenants in Common

Disputes Relating to Real Estate Transactions

Disputes During Real Estate Transactions

  • Breach of Contract Claims Against Buyers or Sellers

  • Inspection Contingency Disputes

Disputes After Closing

  • Post Closing Property Condition Issues

  • Failure of Seller to Properly Disclose Defects

  • Misrepresentation and Fraud

  • Lease Drafting Packages for Landlords

  • Leases of Condominium Units

  • Evictions

  • Security Deposit Claims

  • Roomate and landlord issues for UW-Madison students

  • Representing tenants in upmarket properties

  • Drafting Joint Driveway Agreements

  • Disputes Relating to Joint Driveway Agreements

  • Review of Existing Joint Driveway Agreements

  • Drafting Shared Well Agreements

  • Disputes Relating to Shared Well Agreements

  • Review of Existing Shared Well Agreements

New Construction

Building and Construction Contracts

  • Review of Building Contracts

  • Vacant Land Offers to Purchase

Seller Financing

Disputes Between Co-Owners of Property

  • Partition Actions

  • Forced Sales of Real Estate

Condominium Law

  • Review of Condominium Documents

  • Leases of Condominium Units

  • Condominium Association Representation

  • Drafting of Condominium Documents

Contact us

to discuss how we may assist you in your real estate matter or to answer any questions you may have about our fees, our process and our service. We look forward to working with you.

call us at:  608.218.4030

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